About Beijing Red Cross Blood Center

2021年09月09日 09:19

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We are a large domestic blood collection and supply institution that integrates blood collection, scientific research and teaching. It has more than 600 employees and 26 departments.
Beijing Red Cross Blood Center is located at No. 37, North Third Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, and was established in 1957 as a public welfare institution directly under the Beijing Municipal Health Commission. The total annual blood collection volume exceeds 100 tons, ranking first among domestic blood collection institutions.

The center has more than 600 employees and 26 departments. It has undertaken more than 20 major scientific research projects in China and Beijing, and has established a teaching base with Peking University Medical Department, undertaking the teaching of blood transfusion and testing courses in Peking University Medical Department and Capital Medical University.

We have built a complete quality management system with "standardization, standardization and scientificization" as the guideline to fully guarantee the clinical blood supply in the capital. We have participated in the inter-laboratory quality control of the United States, Australia, and the Ministry of Health's clinical testing center, and our blood testing technology and standards are in line with international standards. We are responsible for the secretariat of the Blood Standards Committee of the Ministry of Health, the Blood Station Management Committee of the China Blood Transfusion Association, the Beijing Blood Supply Quality Control and Improvement Center, the Beijing Clinical Blood Transfusion Expert Management Committee, the Beijing Blood Donation Committee Office, the North China Blood Group Reference Laboratory, the National Bone Marrow Bank, and the Platelet Bank. The Center's strategic goal is to establish the "National Bone Marrow Bank", "Platelet Bank" and "Rare Blood Group Bank".

The strategic goal of the Center is to establish a "world-class, domestic leading" blood collection and supply institution.


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